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There are places in Ibiza that are truly magical. There, you can view the horizon, conceptualise the infinite and get to realise what the original Ibiza is all about!

Recognised as one of the best views in the whole of the Balearics and enriched by its beautiful Cascadas Suspendidas and spa, the Hacienda Na Xamena tells a story that is 45 years old today. Its prestige has inspired many visitors. Today, more than ever, it inspires us and we now want to pass it on to you.

With the help of local blogger Giada from Ibiland – Entonces Ibiza we will make you, our web reader, discover the more secretive side of the island. We will also introduce some of our special events, latest news and exclusive offers.

The wonders of Ibiza are never ending! Right here and right now… let us begin!