A walk through Santa Agnès de Corona

The church in Santa Agnés de Corona

A small walk resulting in a great afternoon!

The small village of Santa Inés de Corona (or Santa Agnes in Ibicenco) is one of the best-preserved areas in Ibiza. It has a few houses scattering a valley of lemons, oranges and almonds that surround the quaint white church.

During the full moon evenings of January and February, The Moonlight reflects a sea of flowering almonds, showcasing an entire valley swathed in a covering of silvery-white. What a magical spectacle!

The beautiful church in Santa Inés, Ibiza
Photo of Cypres tree top, Nature, Ibiza

We go inside the Old Church with its typical architecture dating back to 1812. We leave a flower for the Mother of God of the Rosary, who is sculptured from the same period of the church; we leave it together with a thought of peace.

We descend to the fields and are amazed by the Abundance of Nature and peaceful harmony that an island, normally associated with the nightlife vibe, can offer.

While strolling past the small cemetery, we approach a sweet, yet shy, local lady. She points out where to eat the Best Spanish Tortilla on the island, said to be also one of the best in Spain! And with a big smile, she makes her way to her home.

The restaurant is not so far (heh, heh) like everything in Santa Ignés.

In Can Cosmi, the omelette is beyond delicious! … slightly “bouncy” and not too hard…just the way I love it! I chat to the owner and he shows me photographs of his ancestors, back to when they opened the restaurant. He is his grandfather’s double, who was photographed at the same age. I suddenly feel as though I have been transported Back to the Past.

There is another lovely restaurant, right at it side. Sa Palmera, so we have a tasty reason to come back!


Nature in northern Ibiza, How it looks
A walk through Santa Inés de Corona, Ibiza, Spain
Walking through Santa Agnés de Corona, Ibiza
The fields of Ibiza, photo of Nature
Restaurant Can Cosmi, Santa Inés , Ibiza
Shop Can Cosmi en Santa Inés de Corona, Island of Ibiza

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Illustration: Almendros Nevados de Luna by Laura Savina