Ibicencan Herbs Workshop

Tradition in Ibiza


Immerse yourself in the culture of Ibiza

Hacienda Na Xamena is located on the beautiful island of Ibiza, famous for its landscapes, beautiful sunsets, Mediterranean climate and rich culture. The island is also known for its aromatic and medicinal herbs that have been used throughout history in the Ibicencan tradition.

During the workshop, you will discover about the authentic herbs grown on the island, their medicinal and culinary properties in a completely hands-on experience. Immersing yourself in the culture of Ibiza, you will be able to elaborate your own infusions or liqueurs with the traditional herbs of the island

Tradition, culture and history

It will be a fascinating experience in which you will be able to know in the most intimate way the history and culture that hides the white island. It will be a perfect moment to connect with the nature, culture and tradition of ibiza.

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Enjoying holidays is the goal of every traveler and tourist, and traveling to Ibiza is a perfect occasion to disconnect from the routine and discover one of the best destinations in the world. Living a holiday in Ibiza can show us the best sunsets, the best beaches of Ibiza, but what to do in Ibiza during a cloudy day? At La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza and La Posidonia, Spa Ibiza we invite you to enjoy a day of tranquility in our magical Ibiza hotel, enjoy our facilities and services in a natural environment and get to live a magical experience in Ibiza.