Ibiza Preservation Fund

Discover a Rural & Tasty Ibiza

La Posidonia underwater Jewel of Ibiza
Today we begin a very tasty journey to discover the local products of this wonderful land, called Ibiza.

Accompanied by the Ibiza Preservation Fund, we will uncover its treasures, we will talk to the people who valorise it, and we will meet those organizations that turn local products into culinary delights, now renowned worldwide.

The Ibiza Preservation Fund’s main objective is to encourage sustainable initiatives for the conservation of the countryside and marine areas of Ibiza and Formentera. By promoting the resources of these lands, it aims to preserve its exceptional beauty and natural value.

Ibiza sunset picture

#HNXblog takes you through an exciting route to discover its agricultural and gastronomic delicacies with the intent of also encouraging its consumption and developing the rural areas of the island, which are still unknown by many.

It will be our pleasure to discover with you, our readers, the wonders that this land has to offer, and to tell you about those characters that preserve it with love and passion.

We are now ready to reveal an Ibiza that smells of flowers and, as you will soon discover, of something else as well… To be continued…

The Carobs of Ibiza
Th Almonds of Ibiza
The San Antonio Cooperative for Agriculture, Ibiza
THe cooperative of Sant Antonio
The flower of the Almond trees in Ibiza
The fruits in Ibiza, Agriculture of Ibiza
The black pigs of Ibiza

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