A Relaxing Holiday in Ibiza with the Hacienda Na Xamena

A relaxing holiday in Ibiza is always a good idea: waking up without rush or demands, having a fresh and calm breakfast, reading a book, enjoying the pool or the beach, watching wonderful sunsets, dining by candlelight and under the stars…

Who does not like these simple things of life that are so rare in our day to day?

A relaxing holiday in Ibiza can be a great investment to get back to work recharged and motivated, full of energy and ideas. Giving room for the mind is very important if we want to success in our job. All leaders know it: they understand that doing must be balanced with being. That the moments of greatest productivity arise after times of deep tranquility.

At Hacienda Na Xamena we make it very easy for you: our intention is to take care of each of our clients as if they were princes and kings. Our space not only captivates the view of our guest with its white and Mediterranean architecture, its natural environment and its panorama of the sea.

Our cuisine is fresh and nutritious. Our chef takes great care in preparing any meal. We are committed to local products, as we are aware of how important and satisfying it is to eat vegetables and fruits in season.

If your intention is to live a relaxing holiday in Ibiza, we also recommend that you try our Spa.

We offer you extremely purifying and relaxing outdoor experiences, such as our balneotherapy treatment the “Suspended Waterfalls”: 8 small pools, heated to three different temperatures, with high pressure massages through jets, starting from the soles of the feet and ending with a full body exposure.

You also have the possibility to practice Yoga and Meditation, in addition to Breathing exercises, in our open spaces surrounded by nature. These disciplines provide much peace and well-being, as well as health and longevity. There are many scientific studies that reveal the positive impact of meditation on the central nervous system: it brings calm and serenity, reduces stress and anxiety.

SkinCeuticals facials can be another good option during your relaxing holidays in Ibiza. It is based on three pillars: prevent, protect and correct.

You can also choose different areas to massage your body: from the lower back to the hair, from the skull to the soles of the feet…

You can choose different styles of massage: from the most relaxing to the most invigorating, from the one that uses hot stones to the one who is inspired in Ayurvedic practices.


You also have specialized professional masseuse for pregnant women.

In addition, Na Xamena offers exfoliation, hydration and hand and foot massage treatments. A complete treatment of nutrition and hydration of body’s entire skin through aloe vera.

Who said that spending a relaxing holiday in Ibiza is complicated or boring? In Na Xamena nothing is monotonous and everything has a meaning. We want to make you feel like a divine being. We want to offer you the opportunity to really relax. To really rest. To really take care of yourself.

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Blogger: Mae Knapougel