What a year

This 2020 has been… well… How to best describe it?

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First of all, we would like to show our most profound condolences to those who have lost someone due to Covid-19, and our fullest appreciation for all the medical corp worldwide, for working so hard during these challenging times.

We would also like to thank all our team for their efforts, especially our housekeeping team for maintaining our property pristine during this very demanding season.

Corona season

For our Ibiza Resort, this season started late. In 49 seasons, we never once had to delay our opening date – it was our first. We opened our doors after much hesitation, on July 14th 2020.

We were happy have been able to offer our unique experience: space, nature, and our love for the best service – to those that ventured to visit our faboulous island. We had many first time guests as well as a large number of repeating guests, looking to enjoy a little magical and relaxing time. We are truly honoured, and we deeply thank you for your trust in our company and island.

On October 11th 2020 we ended our season, thereby having opened for about 3 months. So, what do we make of this season? How can we described it?

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The adjective

If there had to be one word to describe this very special season: gratefulness.

We are grateful for having had the opportunity to open, to offer employment to our teams, to offer a magical experience to our guests… Grateful for our health and wellbeing, and that of our collaborators and guests.

We should never forget how lucky we are: being a little more appreciative and grateful can only be beneficial.

Our wishes for 2021

First, we wish you, our reader, our guest, our team member, our collaborator, and all the animals of the world, the outmost health and wellbeing.

Secondly, we wish for some major changes in our thinking, including ourselves. We need to think greener and more hollistically as a community, locally and globally, about what and how we consume and produce. We need to accept that it is what happens on a micro level that determines the macro dynamics.

To be specific, we need to push further on our Respect Nature programme and fix objectives. We need to increase our productive food growing capacities (in our organic patch located 30 min. walk from the resort), and continue reducing waste and increase our recycling… Yes, we are motivated and we look forward to continue growing our programme.

Last but not least, we wish for love. We need more Love in the world, as everything worth having starts and finishes with Love.

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