On top of the valley

San Miguel & its fortified church

The church of San Miguel Ibiza
Entering the church of San Miguel de Balansat, Ibiza

Notice the small peak

Heading towards the most beautiful beaches of the north of Ibiza, coming from Santa Gertrudis Road to the hills of Na Xamena, we notice a small peak surmounted by a typical church, which appears from afar.

We drive to the top of the cliff overlooking the hills in the north of the island. We arrive in front the charming little church of San Miguel of Balansat.


Completed in the year 1690, the structure is one of the four fortified churches built on the island, which are those of Sant Jordi, Sant Antoni and Santa Eulària. Like them, the building of the church was erected to meet the spiritual needs of the population as well as to protect them against the invasions of the Turkish and North African corsairs.

However, the temple of Sant Miquel has an unusual structure, being the only one in the island that has a cross plant, with the form of a “T”.

Curious as always

We explore the surroundings and go in search of the undisclosed sides of this enchanting island. We find ourselves in a scenario that brings us to an epoch that seems have stopped in time, like in a painting of an unchanged story.

We go around the building and end up in the company of Mariá Villagomez Llobet, character already known by the attentive readers of HNX Blog. We converse about poetry, we relax and we enjoy this beautiful day.

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