Ibiza in Spring

Our team’s advice for an original visit of Ibiza in Spring time


Spring time

Ibiza in spring is very pretty. The island is a lush green paradise with an abundant fauna and flora to boast. In spring, hotels, restaurants and beach clubs start to open for the yearly season, it is a time of excitement, new beginnings, and new stories being written.

In Ibiza in spring, the rain is noticeable but manageable, the trees are leafy and fresh, and the flowers are enjoying the early summer vibe. Walking, hiking or simply roaming around nature, is our teams favourite activity and one we highly recommend. The Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza is located in a natural park surrounded by kilometres of pine forest with walkable paths.

The temperature during the day fluctuates on the mid-20 degrees Celsius, however in the evening, it can get chilly, so we recommend having a jumper or light jacket.

Our beautiful Ibiza resort opens the last Friday of April, although we would love to open earlier.

We look forward to welcome you very soon!

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Blogger: Victor
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