Lovebrand x Hacienda Na Xamena

Inspired by the Ibiza stone wall and the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea

LoveBrand Ibiza Hacienda Na Xamena Collaboration Swimsuit

Beautiful collaboration

An exclusive print by LoveBrand for our beautiful Ibiza resort. Inspired by the Ibiza stone wall paving of our property and the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea and the cliff top views of our iconic hotel.

The iconic swimsuit can be bought in our online store, in our boutique, or in the LoveBrand boutiques in London and the LoveBrand online store. It comes with a complementary matching travel bag.

Also, 1% of revenue – not profits – is donated to wildlife conservation when you purchase a LOVE BRAND & Co product. A very honourable approach to business, which we hope to follow in the future and can for now admire. It is for us an honour to be inspired by awesome brands that create value from waste, whilst helping preserve and improve the worlds biodiversity ignored for so long.

Technical & Care

Made from 100% recycled Quick-Dry Polyester (plastic), woven in Spain
Soft mesh lining
Chlorine tested
Signature Hardware, Nickel-free and allergy tested
Recycled labels and tags
Machine Washable
Do not use bleach or use strong detergents
Designed in London, Manufactured in Spain

Discover the iconic swimsuit

LoveBrand Ibiza Hacienda Na Xamena Collaboration Swimsuit
LoveBrand Ibiza Hacienda Na Xamena Collaboration Swimsuit
LoveBrand Ibiza Hacienda Na Xamena Collaboration Swimsuit
LoveBrand Ibiza Hacienda Na Xamena Collaboration Swimsuit

Q&A: Alvar Lipszyc – Owner of the Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

Where does the design come from?

Inspired by the iconic stone laying pattern, which started on the tower next to the Hacienda’s external pool, and then extended onto other parts of the resort aswell. This particular stone layer was introduced by my father, Daniel Lipszyc, that used to travel often around the world pick up on different design techniques applied to structures, which he would then adopt into his own developments, such as this hotel,.

When was the tower originally built?

The tower was originally built in 1970 along with the hotel, which then opened its doors in 1971. Throughout its renovations, the hotel has always seeked to not only maintain the tower aesthetic as is, but to follow suit for other stone walls built among the resort.

Are there any benefits to this particular layering pattern?

Not really, as much as it would be ‘cooler’ if I had some fascinating story to its use, but its aesthetically focused. That being said, I think the aesthetic benefits from this layering pattern are evident, seen in this amazing swimwear design (laughs).
Hang on, that’s not entirely true, there is a benefit where less cement is used as the structural layering of them creates a solidity that is not there with other types of stone walls, and in some instances such as the stone walls we do for our huerto, no cement at all is used, which is actually more sustainable, even though to be absolutely frank with you, the original thought behind it was more aesthetic then sustainable, construction materials weren’t really a subject to be matched with sustainability in those days, as opposed to nowadays where it’s a big theme surrounding architecture.

Why did you chose to go forward with LoveBrand as a collaborator in this project?

Well, this really is a two part question:

Firstly, our resort here in Ibiza is strongly engaged in environmental commitments towards our planet, which it has been pursuing ever since its creation, such as an enhanced connection of human to nature, and an eco vision towards a sustainable future, that now, with the new technology surrounding the eco structures of tomorrow, is making the hotel’s mission more attainable by the year. My father already had this vision for a sustainable structure, even when back in the 70’s it wasn’t ‘trendy’, sort of say.

Secondly, I chose to follow through with this collaboration with LoveBrand because I strongly feel as though we have some shared concerns and a common mission for the wellbeing of our planet, in their case its the conservation of Elephants, and here, that is something we care very much about too. When my father bought the land to build the hotel, he decided to buy most of the surrounding hills, to leave them untouched by mankind, so as to not have them exploited by development. Now, these hills host all types of rare species, such as migrating birds form Africa that come to lay their eggs in the Na Xamena hills for winter, and I feel very responsible to never get in the way of such conservation, and actually promote it, and try to cultivate people’s interest towards our wildlife, especially in the north of the island where it is so pristine and untouched.

Q&A: Oliver Tomalin – founder of Love Brand & Co.

Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your work?

My name is Oliver Tomalin. I am the founder of LOVE BRAND & Co., the British luxury men’s swimwear brand committed to saving elephants. Almost a decade ago, I created t thebrand, marrying my passion for summer lifestyle with a desire for my brand to have greater purpose in helping protect the natural world. I dedicated the brand to helping conserve wild elephants and donated a percentage of our revenue – not profits – to wildlife charities around the world. We call our mission ‘Trunks for Trunks’ – swimming trunks saving elephants!

The brand centres around good times on holiday, family, sustainability and conservation. We have a timeless silhouette but it is the designs where we are building a reputation for our understated and elegant print handwriting. I love revealing hidden narratives of nature and my travels, using print to draw attention to the natural world and endangered species. From afar my prints look like smart geometric patterns, but on closer inspection there are conversational motifs. A diamond pattern is too boring, a print with kites all over it is too obvious but a diamond print which is actually a squadron of manta rays, this is a LOVE BRAND print.

Elephants and their preservation are core to both our brands, what do they mean to you?

I believe everything in nature, as in life, is connected. Elephants have always been a special part of my life. Adventures in Africa as a child is where it began and as an adult when I was deciding on the philanthropic direction for my brand 20 years later in London, fatedly elephants were on the streets. Not real of course but an exhibition of painted elephant sculptures raising awareness for Asian elephant conservation. The fact that Asian elephants could be extinct in my lifetime struck a deep nerve, as I have always been in awe of these majestic, intelligent and beautiful animals. Since entering the world of elephant conservation, my love and thinking has grown. I believe elephants hold the key to the changes of attitude which are required for a healthier planet in the future. Elephants are our largest land mammal; they demand a huge amount of wild space to survive. Our survival is dependent on sharing our world with wildlife and nature. Elephants are immortalised in fiction and widely scientifically studied, wrapped up in a history of wildlife crime, tourism crime, geo-political wars and ancient and modern culture. They are fascinating creatures and ask from us all the right questions. Elephants are on the front line of our planet’s battle of space and resource, endlessly waged between man and nature.

Having a brand with a greater purpose is so important now, why do you believe that luxury should have a greater responsibility

I have now come to believe that the greatest luxury is having the ability and resources to save the planet we have taken so much from. As a brand that is motivated and inspired daily by travel, adventure and nature it would be wrong for us not to give back to it. Furthermore, the luxury industry has a huge platform from which to speak to a very engaged audience, so we have a responsibility to use it and educate, inform and inspire. I also think that from a financial position as a company or as an individual, if you are in a position to help environmental initiatives, you must. As nothing is more important and uniting, in my mind, than preserving our planet

What draws you to Ibiza, what do you love about the island?

The food. A lot of people only associate the island to the music scene. But for me it is one of the best culinary islands in the world. It is also one of the most beautiful islands, I adore the colours of the sea with the deep shadows of the Posidonia seagrass. The rocky terrain and amazing trees. We work closely with the Ibiza Preservation Foundation, conserving the environment and wildlife heritage.

What is the inspiration behind the LOVE BRAND & Co. Na Xemena Exclusive Print?

We called this print Ibiza Stone. Our bespoke print for the Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza luxury resort draws inspiration from the stone paving pattern found around the property. This was the first thing that caught my eye when there, after the view of course!

Describe your dream day in Ibiza?

A walk, a swim, a long lunch, some time painting, a sundowner – perhaps in front of the incredible view at the Hacienda Na Xamena and then a long dinner with a family and friends.

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Discover the Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza Hotel and its beautiful collaboration with the amazing lifestyle fashion company LoveBrand & Co. If you are looking to Travel to Ibiza and find the ideal gift, then this swimsuit can be very suitable. We are proud to offer you a swimsuit made 100% from recycled plastic. If you wish to experience the Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza luxury resort please see here to book.