Happy New Year!

Arrives a new year, and brings as a gift one day more.

Welcome 2020!


The beginning of a new year is always accompanied by illusions and excitation towards what awaits us in this new cycle.

On the 1st of January begin a new year, in which you can do everything you set out to do and in The Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza is not different.

We say goodbye to the year 2019 grateful for all the good things that let us live; magical sunsets, romantic moments and unforgettable holidays.

We want to share with you all of our New Year’s purposes for the 2020.

3 Purposes for the 2020.

Surprise visitors, tourists and travelers with changes and news.

Take care and maintain the magical environment that surrounds us.

Create unforgettable moments during your holidays in Ibiza.

We ask 2020 to continue living magical moments in Ibiza
What do you propose for the new year?

Travel to Ibiza Take care of me Eat well

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Blogger: Irene M. Aranguren
Image: Alexandra Pereira

The 5 stars hotel La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza from Ibiza says goodbye to the 2019 year and welcome to New Year. During the next year we will be delighted to welcome you to our magical hotel for your summer holidays, Ibiza is the best place to enjoy family holidays or romantic honeymoon, discover the best Ibiza’s beaches o livethe best Ibiza’s sunsets and for the food lovers Ibiza is the best setup to enjoy the mediterranean gastronomy