Silent Cala Salada & Cala Saladeta

Ilustracion for HNX Blog. Art at the Hacienda Na Xamena
Discover Cala Saladeta beach in Ibiza

In Ibiza, a cloudy day can turn into a great opportunity to go and search for the sound of the sea

Recommended by Hacienda Na Xamena, we went to steal a bit of blue from the sea and have a chat with a friendly seagull from Cala Salada who happens to be well informed about the hidden Cala Saladeta too, the secret gem of Ibiza.

Beautiful Cala Salada. Nature Ibiza.

After driving down to Cala Salada (which is almost impossible to get to during summer by car), we find a deserted and somewhat untouched beach. What a blessing!

The seagulls, however, remind me of the summer, when on Sundays the families and friends of the fishermen savour a delicious and very long lunch under the shade of the dock.

The restaurant is closed today. The season is picking up slowly. I will definitely come back to eat their delicious offering of paella accompanied by the magnificent sea-view… all of this topped with the authentic Ibizian flair and international standards of service.

Cala Salada beach, best of Ibiza

We explore some more and continue our adventure by climbing the steep rocks – we at Ibiland want to overcome all obstacles in search of something special and exciting for our readers. And finally there it is. Cala Saladeta waiting for our arrival.

The grey sky cannot hide the bright golden sand and the blue of the rocks submerged in the crystal clear sea, all of this embraced by maritime pines. It’s mixture of scents and colours. Ibiza, Pitiusa island, the island of dreams and inspirations.

P.S. We later found out that in fact, if one walks from the top of Cala Salada, getting to Cala Saladeta is a lot easier!!!

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Cala Saladeta beach playa Ibiza Photo
Having fun in Cala Salada
Having fun in Cala Saladeta
Enjoying Cala Salada beach, Ibiza

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Photography: Veronica Mansi
Illustration: Explosion de Colores y Aromas por Cala Saladeta by Laura Savina