Ibiza’s best restaurants 2019

Gastronomic tourism, our favourit restaurants in Ibiza

During th summer holidays there are some activities and plans to do in Ibiza.

Ibiza proposes a lot of experiences; The best beaches, magic sunsets and quality gastronomy, in this blogpost are some of the best restaurants in Ibiza which from La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza recommend to our guests.

Restaurant & Lounge Edén by Fran López


Restaurant & Lounge Edén by Fran López located in which was the first 5 star hotel in Ibiza, is one of the favourite place choosing by tourist and travellers to enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine while see one of the best sunset in Ibiza.

An experience to discover Ibiza through the five senses, thanks to the hard work of the Chef Fran López who proposes “A flavored cuisine through a balanced menu” for every prefers and needs created with local, fresh and quality products.

The surroundings and atmosphere become this restaurant in a magical place which, thanks to its collaboration with La Posidonia Spa, Ibiza offers day experiences, a holiday day enjoying wellness experiences and the best Mediterranean gastronomy.

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Amante Beach Club


Amante Beach Club is one of our favorite beach clubs and restaurants in Ibiza.

Located in the beautiful Cala Sol Den Serra (Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia del Río) on a cliff from you could admire the virgin nature, large rocks and clearly sea, its a perfect setting for breakfast and lunches.

A informal and cozy atmosphere where the lovers of gastronomy could degustation a Mediterranean , fresh, modern and stylish menu.


From La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza recommends a visit to this wonderful place, doesn’t matter at what time of the day, however, enjoy a dinner while the sun is hiding slowly and the sky colors take center stage of the moment is a must experience during your holidays in Ibiza.

Finishing the experience and the day with an exquisite cocktail at the moon and stars light.

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La Paloma


La Paloma is a cozy restaurant, a familiar place which from 2004 propose a menu where the fresh products and traditional food are the main stars. Located in the small village named San Lorenzo de Balafia offers a perfect place to enjoy a perfect family day.

The family meetings atmosphere is what made of La Paloma a restaurant where could back to feel the Sundays lunch or dinner with your family staying in Ibiza. This Italian family is working more than 10 years made that their visitors fell in love with its Italian gastronomy, the chef learnt to cook from the best cook; her mother in La Toscana (Italy). Nevertheless, its not Italian cuisine, the Chef Prasuna mix traditional Italian recipes with spices and flavors of other cuisines of the world.

What makes this restaurant special?

The innovation, we love to know that its gastronomy proposal is updated every week, main courses and some starters change so the surprise is always guaranteed.

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Restaurante Bambuddha


Bambuddha, located in the heart of Ibiza island, to visit this place suppose an adventure for the imagination and senses of them who dare to enjoy more than just dinner.

Present a “MediterrAsian” cuisine, it is the way defined its gastronomy proposal, a modern recipes mix inspired in the old route of the species that crosses the countries of Spain, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

The Bambuddha restaurant defends the Asian style to serve lunch, understanding the importance to share and replaced the formal European style as we are acclimated.

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Blogger: Irene M. Aranguren
Photo credit Amante Beach Club: Juan Sala
Photo credit La Paloma Restaurant: La Paloma Galeria
Photo credit Bambuddha Restaurant: Bambuddha Galeria
Photo credit Restaurant & Lounge Edén by Fran López: Aurora Vega

Travel to Ibiza offers a lot of activities to enjoy your summer holidays, we had been informed about what to do in Ibiza and the best plans. In this blogpost presents the best restaurants in Ibiza, four restaurant with different and exquisite gastronomy proposals with menus inspired in different countries around the world. During your holidays in Ibiza you could enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine, Italian recepies and dishes inspired in the exotic Asia.