Ball Pagés

Folklore and traditions from Ibiza



In Ibiza the traditions remain alive, protected as a treasure by the local population.

Ibiza has been a crossover of cultures for centuries. This makes this land rich in history and folklore.

Walking across the streets of Ibiza port, we get distracted by a sound of drums that anticipates a procession of men and women dressed in traditional clothes. We follow them and find ourselves in the middle of a very charming show. With the suggestive bastion of Dalt Vila on the background, it begins an ancient dance charged with meaning.


Ball Pagès is the traditional dance of Ibiza.

From unknown origins, this archaic dance still preserves its purity and countless tales. Precious details and handmade embroidery embellish the outfits, made of wool and linen. They swing along with the movements of the skilled dancers as in a hypnotic show.


The dance seems to perfectly portray a courtship technique,
an exquisite art that seems almost extinct.


The man calls the woman with a touch of Castanuela. It starts with a short dance at a quiet pace. The elders have the honour to open the ball and start the party. Then it comes a more vigorous and spectacular dance with the man wanting to impress the woman, or even two, with skilful acrobatics.


Popular music instruments create the best soundtrack.

We see pine and skin trumpet drums, oleanders and chestnut flutes, juniper wood Castanuela, Espasí percussion and Xaremia made out of cane.
Ibiza is one of the oldest urban environments of the western Mediterranean and a mosaic of cultures have occupied it uninterruptedly, from 2700 a.c. Despite here is a great musical temple, a trend laboratory and a platform for experimentation; we leave old traditions to still teach us something new and innovative.


We can see the Ball Pagès:

- Every Friday of summer, at 9 pm, in the Baluarte de Sant Pere, Dalt Vila ;

- Every Thursday of summer, at 6 pm, in the Patio of the Church of Sant Miquel ;

- In all the churches of the towns in the festivities.


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