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Ibiza Food Tours
Hippies Statue in Port of Ibiza
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Ibiza Food Tours
Ibiza can be discovered through its beaches and entertainment, but also through its flavours

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The Food Tour conducted for us by Eric, guides us through the history and the culinary influences that have marked Ibiza. We gather at the harbour, in front of the statue of the Hippies donated by Ricardo Urgell to his city.

We start from a historic bar where the sailors used to meet to enjoy the typical soft ENSAIMADAS accompanied by CARAJILLO, a coffee corrected with brandy that use to keep them well awake.

We keep walking along the streets of the port and find a typical ASTURIAN CIDER bar. With skilled craftsmanship and an ancient technique they create bubbles in the cider, which we then accompany with succulent TAPAS.

The walk continues in the streets of downtown and we find the oldest bakery in town. Their baking room, kept in the back, is equipped with early machinery that produces the crisper BREAD and the sweetest BAKERIES, just as it used to be.

Next, we find a small place of enchantment, and we feel we are in Alice in wonderland

The very pretty TEA ROOM welcomes us in a world of fragrances, sweets and wonders. Its refined products tell stories of sweetness and sophistication just like the owner, who welcomes us into his secret space away from the noises of the city.

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Tea Room Ibiza Food Tours
Tea room Ibiza
Tea Bar Ibiza Saloon

We leave this magical place and continue towards a new adventure. We cannot not go without tasting the JAMON IBERICO, in all its finest varieties with RIOJA WINE, the Spanish pride.

Ibiza Food Tours
Guide of Ibiza Food Tours
Ibiza Food Tours
But the tour does not end here!

It’s cocktail hour and we go to the most popular bar on the island, famous for its incredible PINXOS, snacks based on bread and marvels. We continue then to Vara de Rey, where a delicious TASTING OF LOCAL WINES AND SPIRITS is awaiting us to lift our spirit.

To complete this incredible tour, we got some delicious ICE CREAM on the picturesque streets of Dalt Villa.

The tour is now complete, new friendships are now secured, and we got to know Ibiza in the most delicious way.

Wine tasting Ibiza - Food Tours Ibiza
walking In Old Town Ibiza Part 2
walking In Old Town Ibiza
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