Bar Anita in San Carles

Communicating with the past

Bar Anita San Carlos Ibiza - Traditional Bar in Ibiza
Bar Anita Ibiza, San Carlos

Today, we travel in time

We taste local liquors and typical ‘montaditos’ bread! We move to the heart of San Carles, enthusiastic to get to know one of the most emblematic and old bars of Ibiza: Bar Ca n’Anneta, or better known as Bar Anita.

As soon as we entered we find ourselves surrounded by old wooden mailboxes and we feel immediately 50 years back in time! The staff welcomes us warmly and we take the opportunity to get to know more about the history of the bar.

Although it started trading in the late 1800s, it was only in the ‘60s that it became the meeting point for those who came to the island from all over the world, being a sort of ‘post office’ of the time. There they received letters and money from their families. Can you imagine? We can.

History fascinates us

We can clearly visualize them sitting here beside us waiting for the correspondence while drinking a draft and having tasty tapas while chatting with Anita, who is said to attend them with great affection.

We reflect

While we drink our beer together with a fantastic selection of delicious “montaditos” (tasty bread with diverse fillings), we reflect. In an era where mobile phones, instant e-mail and Whatsapp reign, Bar Anita reminds us of a time where waiting for a letter was the perfect excuse to gather with friends and have a fun chat face-to-face.

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Bar Anita
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