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The unusual architecture combines a military building from 1727, built on an old sixteenth-century bastion, with a modern facade erected in compliance with the extraordinary local landscape.

But it doesn’t end here… the MACE recently revealed evidence of lives from an even older past, in fact we find ourselves in front (or better said, above) a Punic tank… and a toilet from the Roman times… which makes me Smile.

Inside MACE museum in Ibiza old town
Visiting MACE
Competence, Passion & Patience

The MACE is a labyrinth of emotions: collections of contemporary works and travelling exhibits, alternate with interactive spaces that make the visitor part of the artistic experience.

A library of great books on Ibiza catches my eye and while the piano lightly plays, we make drawings of still life, in a space dedicated to your talent. If you leave your work in the box, in fact, the Director will value it and maybe get in touch.

The MACE is a living space, which will charm you!

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Inside MACE

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