Yoga in Ibiza

Yoga Sessions in front of the magical Mediterranean Sea


Where to practice?

Surrounded by an exceptional natural environment, mountainous areas surrounding and wonderful sea views, Hacienda Na Xamena is a unique environment that provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere completely conducive to the practice of yoga.

Why join a yoga class?

Yoga is known for its numerous physical benefits, yoga postures combined with conscious breathing increase flexibility and help improve stamina. Thanks to the environment that surrounds our farm and the practice of yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety, during the classes we focus on the connection between body and mind, which allows us to release tension and find a state of calm.

Inspiration, guide and motivation

Focused on offering you an extraordinary experience, the yoga class is guided by a professional in the art, a trained instructor who can provide adequate and personalized guidance during the class, our instructor will help you correct postures, encourage you to perfect your practice, remind you of the importance of conscious breathing and meditation during the class.

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Enjoying holidays is the goal of every traveler and tourist, and traveling to Ibiza is a perfect occasion to disconnect from the routine and discover one of the best destinations in the world. Living a holiday in Ibiza can show us the best sunsets, the best beaches of Ibiza, but what to do in Ibiza during a cloudy day? At La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza and La Posidonia, Spa Ibiza we invite you to enjoy a day of tranquility in our magical Ibiza hotel, enjoy our facilities and services in a natural environment and get to live a magical experience in Ibiza.