Pilates in Ibiza

Complementary Pilates Classes in Ibiza


Body in Balance with Pilates

At the Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza resort we know that well-being is important, which is why we incorporate the Pilates classes into our weekly activities.

What is Pilates?

This discipline is based on the development of the internal muscles that help maintain the body’s balance and gives firmness and strength to the spine.

With this method we will seek to nurture the correct alignment of the body through the use of demanding postures. We are in the search of perfection and postural correction via the development of strength, mobility, coordination and flexibility exercises.

The Pilates Group Classes in Ibiza

Let’s enjoy an invigorating and refreshing activity, in an ideal space to pamper our bodies and our sight. The Pilates classes take place in the magical amphitheater, in an environment surrounded by sea and mountains, a perfect combination for absolute relaxation.

The classes take place every Thursday at 9am.

Pamper yourself, tone up, style, strengthen, relax, elongate, correct, and enjoy our Pilates class.

Among its most outstanding benefits are

  • 1 – Improves and corrects body posture
  • 2 – Helps to improve flexibility
  • 3 – Improves mobility
  • 4 – Helps to improve and prevent injuries
  • 5 – Perfect complement to alternate with other sports
  • 6 – Improves breathing


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Contact with the Spa Team

At the Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza Five Star Hotel we offer many weekly complementary wellness activities. This year we are happy to propose complementary Pilates group Classes to all our guests, every Thursday morning. Our guests should simply register with our amazing Guest Relations team or at the front desk or Spa reception. Are you looking for a Luxury and Wellness Experience in Ibiza?, the Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza is the perfect choice. Our beautiful Five Star Hotel in Ibiza is happy to propose these magical experiences free of charge to all our guests.