The Hills of Ibiza

Off the Beaten Track with Toby and Cosmo

Walking Ibiza collaboration with Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

The lucky Guests staying at the hotel Hacienda Na Xamena have many options on how to enjoy a relaxing holiday and discover the original Ibiza.

Toby from Walking Ibiza and Cosmo, his adorable dog, pick us up from the hotel: today, we are taking a hike in the surrounding hills of Na Xamena.

Discover the natural north of Ibiza. Pure Nature. Walking Ibiza, Ibi-land and Hacienda Na Xamena
Hiking in North Ibiza. Walking Ibiza.
The Hacienda Na Xamena, Amidst north Ibiza Nature. Pure luxury.
Toby & Giada hiking in Na Xamena.

Stories alternate with laughter, and botanical curiosities with breath-taking scenery. Toby is an expert on off-road routes. He has even inspired several internationally renowned books.

Although he was born in Ibiza he spent his life in London, until, overwhelmed by the congestion and traffic of the city, he realized that there was more to life than that. This epiphany led him and his wife to move to Ibiza, and then to hike the whole island with just €1 in his pockets.

Along the way, whilst Toby relates other anecdotes from his life, we discover many other curiosities.

Toby & Giada discovering Ibiza Nature. Walking in Na Xamena.

On the trail of human sites, we retrace the paths of shepherds and lookouts of the past.

We discover the beneficial properties of Rosemary (it improves your memory!), wild Lavender (a natural relaxant) and a plant of which I can’t remember the name, but which is also called the toilet paper of the forest… which should give you a clear indication of one of its many functions.

Cosmo knows these areas of the island and proudly guides us up to its peaks, where I can finally say after 15 years … I see … Ibiza.

Cosmo relaxing after a tiring hike in North Ibiza
Natural North Ibiza. Wild nature, fauna and flora. Hiking in Ibiza.
Flora of Ibiza. Plants of Ibiza. Nature of Ibiza.
Hiking in Ibiza. Hacienda Na Xamena & Walking Ibiza Collaboration.

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Blogger: Giada Nomusa Forneris
Photography: Veronica Mansi
Toby & Cosmo: Walking Ibiza.