The Almond Tree

The Ibiza Treasure

The Flower of the Almond Tree
Walking through the beautiful rural areas of Ibiza

The countryside of Santa Agnes and San Mateo count an unlimited number of beautiful almond trees.

Their original trunks inspire enchanted tales.

Their flowers are white and fragrant. During the winter season, it creates a surreal atmosphere, which under the moonlight makes the landscape looking like it is covered with snow.

The Almonds of Ibiza. Quality Almonds.

On one hand this allows some beautiful walks between January and February, on the other their fruits are transformed into refined products that seduce every palate.

Our journey to discover the production of the Ibiza Almonds begins at the Coperativa Agricola Sant Antoni, where Juan Antonio, our guide, takes us to see the first phases of selection, separation and storage of the precious fruits.

Dried almonds
Storing the Almonds of Ibiza

Precisely them, the Ibiza Preservation Fund helped in 2015 by financing the almond-separating machine, allowing the product (although still in limited quantities) not to be shipped to the mainland for de-shelling, saving producers money and generating undoubted benefits to them.

We continue with an exceptional visit to the hidden treasures of Frutos Secos Ibiza. Their warehouse and laboratory are the dream of every child and also of the grownups. The scent of roasted almonds, chocolate and other wonders surround us and with the mouth full of flavour we indulge in this moment.

Delicious torrone sweets (a Spanish delicatessen) and chocolate are enriched with crispy almonds of Ibiza, assuring the visitors a very sweet and genuine staying in Ibiza.

De-Shelling almonds in Ibiza
Frutos Secos Ibiza - Products
Ibiza delicatessen. Discover the other Ibiza.

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