The flowers of Ibiza

Imagine seeing Ibiza from 40 cm, up, close & personal!

Ilustración by Laura Savina - Arte en Hacienda Na Xamena
Cipsela flower - ibiza nature
Immerse yourself in a world of fragrances.

Those who live in Ibiza know that from March to late May the island is covered with an exquisite array of vibrant colors! The scent of the wild flowers fills the streets, roads and fields. Even the roundabouts of the city emit spicy fragrances. But it’s just by getting lost in the countryside that these amazing colours and aromas invade our hearts and takeover our senses.

Aster flower - Ibiza Nature flora
Aster flower - Ibiza Flora
Aster flower - Ibiza flowers & Nature
Leserpizio Odoroso - flowers of Ibiza

Veronica and I got lost through the roads of the north.

For every flower we found, I just had to stop and observe, and look at life from their perspective!

The stillness of nature is only apparent. Ibiza flowers live and breath overlooking extraordinary landscapes; they grow and interact with their surrounding environment, unaware of distracted passing traffic of cars and people walking by.

The peace is total and the happiness is contagious.

Small purple flowers alternate with yellow buds, next to the scented Bougainvillea climbing the walls of the local farms.

A butterfly leads us to the Aster flower and then we dive into a sea of Poppies, Fennel, Wild Thyme flowers, Genistas and other delightful wonders!

An infinite wealth of aromas and beneficial properties! For example, we find the Prickly Pear, a precious gift from nature, with its delicious fruits and vast medicinal qualities.

I blow on a Dandelion and express my desire that this land continues being loved, preserved and respected by all who shall come and walk across their path.

Find it by driving & walking around the fields of Ibiza without Google Maps.

Giada Forneris for the HNXblog - Hacienda Na Xamena
Giada from Ibiland - HNXblog
Perpetuino Profumato - Ibiza flowers
Selvagens Flowers - Ibiza nature
Olive Tree & Leserpizio Odoroso
Nopal - Cactus of Ibiza - Flowers of Ibiza
Giada Forneris Ibiland blog - Collaboration HNXblog
Leserpizio Odoroso - flowers of Ibiza
Pigamo Colombino - flowers of Ibiza
Perpetuino Profumato - Ibiza flowers
unknown flower ibiza
Margaritas in Ibiza!

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Blogger: Giada Nomusa Forneris
Photography: Veronica Mansi
Illustration: Flowers in Ibiza by Laura Savina