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The White Island

The island from the sky is a little green spot in the middle of the blue sea, the airport is located next to the Salines – a natural salt park… it’s beautiful! You can view our blog post about the Salinas here.

We easily pick up the rental car and drive towards the North coast. In 20 minutes we’re in San Miguel village, there we turn where an old-style signboard indicates the hotel. They told me to be careful while driving up to Na Xamena, it’s true that the road is narrow and winding but sooo beautiful!


The Hacienda Na Xamena

We arrive to a discrete white entrance where we are awaited by 6 palm trees, a roundabout and a beautiful smile from the valet.

At the front desk too, we are welcomed with a smile; we swiftly do all the paperwork, and we are escorted by our receptionist to visit the property!

Slowly we discover this magical, breathtaking view that is surrounding us always. It is simply out of this world and a unique experience which cannot be described. It must be lived. We suddenly feel lucky and very thankful!

The corridors are a sort of labyrinthine… getting lost is part of the story. Asking about the history, we discover that a family of architects has built and managed this hotel for now three generations. It was built in 1971! The Hacienda Na Xamena is the most beautiful as well as one of the oldest hotels on the island.

Good vibes are here!


The Dream Suite

Our Junior Suite is Awesome!

As expected, it is spacious, with simple color tones and a modern bathroom…

On a low table there’s the dewy bottle of Champagne I’ve asked, together with a bowl of fruit, a little card, some water and complementary orelletes.

The terrace has a plunge pool and exactly the view I expected, my wife is speechless…

It’s one of the happiest moments of my life!


Get happily lost in our Resort as Alice was in Wonderland !


#HNXblog – The blog of the Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza.
Blogger: Silvia Bortolami
Editor: Victor P. Lipszyc
First photo credit: Emilie Tommerberg
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