The Poet’s Lookout

Walking across Dalt Vila with Inspiration

Discovering Dalt Vila , Ibiza old town

Poetry is everywhere

While the poet within us sits restless waiting for the right moment to capture it, Dalt Vila, the ancient citadel of Ibiza, has inspired poets over the centuries.

Collected in verse, music or prose, stories and passions are told to us by people of all ages.

The poet in Dalt Vila. Culture Ibiza.
Poetry experience in Dalt vila, Ibiza old town.
The Cannons in Ibiza Dalt Vila, Fortress town, Ibiza culture, Ibiza old town

El Mirador del Poeta (The Poet’s Lookout) is a place dedicated to these memories.

Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs and unknown people, as perhaps one day we too, got inspired on this hill. Walking across the small paths of the old city, boundless views open suddenly to us.

Isidoro Macabich sits comfortable contemplating those, Marià Villangómez looks inspired at Formentera from afar, while a young contemporary guy leaves a trace of a loving thought on the walls of the streets.

Protected by the cannons of the castle, stories and emotions follow one another and leave behind a track of eternity.
Cannons in Dalt Vila, Ibiza old town. Cultural Ibiza.
Walking in Dalt Vila, Ibiza old town.
Inside Dalt Vila, Ibiza old town, cultural Ibiza.
Walking around Dalt Vila, Ibiza old town, Ibiza culture

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