A Walk To: The Gates to Heaven

Could we not take you there?

Ilustration by Laura Savina. Art for HNx blog.
Sign at the Puertas del Cielo in Ibiza.

There are places on earth where you can experience the end of the world.

There, you can recognize the end whilst obtaining a sense of a new beginning. You realise in fact, that the horizon is merely a boundary of your sight…certainly not of the true being.

Las Puertas del Cielo (The Gate to Heaven) is a lovely place we found by getting lost through the roads behind Santa Ines. Hidden in the woods, lies a pretty lodge; just before it, an amazing look-out point overlooking the islets Ses Margalides.

Puertas del Cielo. North Ibiza.
Restaurante Puertas Del Cielo.

The sunset is spectacular and the owners welcome us warmly, with a delicious offering of traditional dishes that are well-priced.

In the sixties, hippies used to gather on these rocks to watch the sun disappearing behind the gates of heaven. Among the branches of the trees, if you listen carefully, you can still hear the echo of this song:

At the gates of heaven arrived 5 travellers:

  • Who are you? – Asked the guardian of the sky.
  • We are: The Religion – said the first -
  • The Youth … – said the second.
  • The Understanding … – said the third.
  • The Intelligence … – said the one who followed.
  • I am The Knowledge … – said the last one.
  • How do I know this its true!! Identify yourself – the gatekeeper ordered.

And therefore …

  • The Religion knelt and prayed.
  • The Youth laughed and sang.
  • The Understanding sat down to listened.
  • The Intelligence analyzed and understood.
  • And the Wisdom, told a story …

Anthony de Mello.

Ibiland For HNX blog Ibiza
Las Puertas del Cielo, foto.
Giada Forneris Ibiland for the HNXblog
The Puertas del Cielo in north ibiza
Photo of Las Puertas del Cielo.
The Puertas del Cielo in northern Ibiza
Ibiland blog for HNX blog Ibiza
Photo of Las Puertas del Cielo Ibiza
Puertas del Cielo

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