The art of breathing: the way to connect with your health

¡Discover the art of breathing and all its healthy benefits!


Knowing how to breathe is an art in our society. We live without breathing because we do it without naturalness. We are not aware of its sensation, because the mind attracts all our attention.

This lack of connection with our breathing explains the numerous cases of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. That is why it is essential to learn to breathe. Because it can heal us. Because it can save us.

Breathing is the most subtle act done by the human being. Without that constant back and forth between inhalation and exhalation, the individual cannot exist. Eastern cultures understood it perfectly thousand and thousand of years ago: breathing is a tool for survival but also for regulation. Management. Self-control. Self-care. And for health. Through it we can regulate a myriad of processes that occur in the body: one of them is the conscious management of thoughts. The clairvoyant treatment of emotions.


When a person panics, the flow of his breath is blocked in the upper area of the lung. The air doesn’t circulate towards the diaphragm. When a person feels stress, the flow of his breathing speeds up. The oxidation of the body increases. When a person feels in harmony, his breathing is complete and fluid. The life navigates with ease.

Buddhists say that each human being has a counted number of breaths at birth and that a full and successful life is based on how he has known how to use them.

Debilitating emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, or even depression can be treated through breathing. They can be relieved, and even released, if we learn to breathe. There are numerous breathing techniques in Yoga, also known as pranayamas, that treat different pathologies of the human body. Through them we can learn to calm the mind, regulate body temperature, reduce migraines, mitigate fatigue, eliminate toxins …
Reduce fever, treat a cold, oxygenate an oxidized area of the organism … The body is a perfect creation and has all the tools to heal itself.


Learning to breathe is therefore vital. From Na Xamena we offer regular Yoga classes where, among many other things, you learn the art of breathing. The teacher not only teaches you to harmonize the movement of your body with the breath. It also offers you different pranayamas according to the theme and intention of the practice. If you have never practiced Yoga or Pranayama before, we recommend you to inform the teacher: in this way he can give you the pertinent instructions to accommodate your level to the class. Conscious breathing requires practice and time. Devotion and effort.

Even if the guidance of a professional can be very effective, another option is to start each day with a simple and intuitive practice.

Sit in a comfortable posture, with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.

Gently close your eyes and feel the breath circulate through you.

Do not force anything at all. Just feel.

Feel the air entering your lungs as you inhale.

And feel the air coming out your lungs as you exhale.

Keep your attention in the smooth and natural breathing you are creating right now. Without forcing or manipulating it.

You can stay as long as you need breathing with consciousness, and every time you feel your thoughts take you to another place, breathe again.

With dedication and time, you will notice that you are more and more comfortable sitting and breathing. You will begin to perceive subtle changes in your mood. You will begin to understand it, to control it and to use it.

Knowing how to breathe is a knowledge inscribed in your DNA. The key is to practice. The key is to breathe.

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Blogger: Mae Knapougel