Taking care of Ibiza

During the last year, the climate change is one of the most important topics of our society. From La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza fell in love with our surroundings and the environment where we are located and we know to continue offering to our guests the nature and wild Ibiza we should be responsible with our activity.

Being part of #freeplasticjuly and Plastic Free Ibiza & Formentera we would like to share with our readers the small actions that as hotel and resort in Ibiza are part of our philosophy and responsibility in our daily activity.


Our little big gestures


Solar panels

In 2017, the installation of 92 hybrid solar panels is carried out in our resort: Ibiza is a holiday destination where tourists and travelers look for good weather, we enjoy sunny days and this allows us to produce and use clean energy in our five stars hotel.

During summer days, up to 25% of the daily electricity needs of La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza and up to 100% of daily needs of thermal energy.

Terravita Renovables by our side to get a common goal; get to be self-sufficient through renewable energy.


Hybrid cars

In collaboration with Porsche we offer to our guests comfort, design and luxury under the care of the environment. One of our services is transfer from any point of the island from the airport, the port, other hotels and restaurants… in our Hybrid Porsches.

Moreover, these vehicles are also available to our guests so they can discover a new sensation at the wheel during their holidays in Ibiza.


Eco-friendly Restaurants

Small gestures are what make great things, and this is exactly what has happened in our restaurants, in our five stars hotel work for an exceptional service taking care of our enviroment and respecting the nature.

Thanks to COMATEC we can offer an ecologic service in our Eventos Cocktail Party through bamboo cutlery and cane fiber dishes, a perfect solution to maintain biodegradable waste that also offers an aesthetic according to our luxury service.

We have removed the plastic from a use of our activity, how? Replacing the plastic straws with recycled cardboard straws and the dishes with unbreakable and reusable materials such as polycarbonate that offer a design aesthetic, safety and environmental care.


Auara still water in the minibar

During the 2019 season one of the little big changes made has been to incorporate Aura, still water in La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza rooms and suites minibar.

We are happy to be part of this project because Auara, is 100% social natural mineral water and full of values, they are the first bottles in Europe made of 100% recycled material. It is a brand of incredible products that are sold with the objective of financing projects for access to drinking water

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Travel to Ibiza It’s something we’ve all dreamed some time, and enjoy a paradise in the Mediterranean sea during summer holidays is what La Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza invites to discover with its magical views. This is why, taking care of the enviroment is very important in its acivity, in this blogpost explains some of our environmental, eco-friendlys and responsible consumption measures that we carry out every day. To continue enjoying the best beaches y magical sunsets we should take care of our enviroment.