Everything starts with a dream…

Illustration by Laura Savina exclusive to the HNX blog
Entrada de la Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza
‘Everything Starts with a Dream’. This phrase echoes in my mind, while the body floats softly over the wild coast of the Na Xamena cliff.

The Hacienda Na Xamena, in Ibiza, is a dream, which became a reality 45 years ago. It is situated on a land that none would have dared to challenge.

The floating waterfalls, named the Cascadas Suspendidas, and their modular whirlpool system, remind me of one of the wonders of nature, the pools of Saturnia, in Italy. However, in here its complex hydraulic system massages the body at various temperatures, releasing any tension and stretching the body.

Photo of the Cascadas Suspendidas

The pressure starts from the ankles, legs, hands, head, and shoulders … each point is pleased by intense, yet enjoyable, jets. While before us unfolds an amazing and romantic horizon.

The Spa La Posidonia, named after the Ibiza’s World Heritage seaweed, hosts the famous Cascadas Suspendidas of the Hacienda Na Xamena. Overall this Spa is a sanctuary in which to be reborn.

Reception at La Posidonia Spa by SkinCeuticals
check-In at La Posidonia spa. Best Spa in Ibiza.
The Amazing Cascadas Suspendidas at the Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

The staff welcomes you with a special grace, such as one fallen from Heaven, and guides you through your experience. Veronica and I have chosen the Cascadas Suspendidas package, with 30 minutes Treatment and Gourmet Lunch. Gosh, we deserve it!

We would definitely recommend this experience, which is accessible to all those who want to pamper themselves and find an amazing peace.

With HNX Blog, today we tell you about a dream that will make you fall in love again. We tell you about the Cascadas Suspendidas, but MORE IS YET TO COME.

Find the Cascadas Suspendias with Google Maps.

Walking to the Cascadas Suspendias
The Cascadas Suspendidas experience tested for HNXblog
The experience at the Cascadas Suspendidas
The view at the Cascadas Suspendidas, Ibiza.
The best Spa in Ibiza. La Posidonia by SkinCeuticals.
A complementary snack to complement the Cascadas Suspendidas experience
Giada from Ibiland enjoying the experience at La Posidonia Spa
relax in northern Ibiza
Yes. The Cascadas Suspendidas are amazing!
Relaxed after the beautiful experience at La Posidonia Spa by SkinCeuticals. Best of Ibiza.

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Blogger: Giada Nomusa Forneris
Photography: Veronica Mansi
Illustration: Las Cascadas Suspendidas by Laura Savina