The most authentic and wild beaches in Ibiza

Discover the most authentic and wild beaches in Ibiza: enjoy its nature and beauty

The most authentic and wild beaches of Ibiza must be seen. They are blankets of white sand kissed by crystal clear, turquoise and calm waters. They are wonderful places to connect with nature, meditate, contemplate, reflect… Their wild nature makes them ideal places for disconnection and introspection; perfect spaces to relax and rest. To swim and walk. To enjoy and let go.

Clear beaches, especially out of season, have an energy that allows us to elevate our frequency and at the same time calms us down. They help us connect with ourselves and with life in its most genuine state. They are perfect places to heal because nature feeds us and appeases us. Contemplating a sunrise, walking along the shore, bathing in the water, or meditating in front of the sunset are purifying, restorative and very healing practices.

From Na Xamena we value our guests’ vacations very much and we always recommend them what we consider a privilege, like a treasure from heaven.

Today we share with you a list of the most authentic and wild beaches in Ibiza: so that you can enjoy them during your holidays and make them your secret corner to rest.

Sillot Des Rencli Beach Photo

S’illot des Rencli: it is a beach located to the North, not far from our hotel. It is quiet, small and little known. A perfect place if you are staying with us and you do not want to travel many kilometers.


Aigues Blanques: this beach of brown sand and turquoise water has a very beautiful energy.


Benirrás: better known and crowded than the other two, it is important to mention it, because its sunset is a source of great admiration and splendor.


Cala Llenya, Cala Nova, Cala Mestella y Es Niu Blau: these creeks are located in the southern part of the island, near the Punta Arabi Hippie Market. They are wild, authentic, with fine sand and crystal clear water. The ideal is to enjoy them at morning or noon and end up wandering around the hippie market stalls, very characteristic of the island, and ideal to end the day.


Cala Compte: this beach is one of the best known in Ibiza for its rock structure, its transparent and turquoise waters and its divine perspective on the sunset.


Cala d’Hort: this esplanade of white sand, rocks and piers, enchants its visitors with its crystal clear water and its views of Es Vedra. It is a very charming place that, out of season, becomes a true miracle.


Ses Boques: this is a beach with tradition and authenticity, a place that maintains its own character despite the passing of the years.


Es Torrent beach: this place is perfect to go out of season and taste one of the best paellas on the island in its restaurant overlooking the sea. It offers the perfect combination of sun and relaxation, of baths in crystal clear waters and fresh Mediterranean food…

These are some of the most authentic and wild beaches in Ibiza. If you come during the high season, we recommend that you go first thing in the morning to witness its silence and its most beautiful appearance. If you travel out of season, then you can go when you like it: the beaches will be clearer. They will look more wild and natural.

Remember that going against the current has many advantages: one of them is enjoying the genuine and calm character of our beaches.

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