Secret Beaches: The Moon Beach

A traveller can get anywhere and today we go in search of the Moon… Only 20 mins away from the Hacienda Na Xamena!

Moon beach Ibiza
Today we take you to Moon Beach, the lunar beach, which lies on the northern coast of Ibiza.

Utilizing Google Maps to find this treasure, we feel that we are getting lost. However, we are going to a little peninsula, a small piece of land. It is normal to lose a bit of direction.

When we arrive at our so-called destination, it is evident that we are most certainly lost!

But we are in Ibiza and anyone who knows anything about this magical island knows that here, everything happens for a reason…

Giada Forneris in Moon Beach Ibiza
Moon beach Ibiza photo
Moon Beach in Northern Ibiza

At that moment, a car arrives and a guy and a girl get out. They are Austrians, free spirits and very nice people. Two perfectly suited guides. She is visiting her friend, who has lived for a couple of months in a cave somewhere on the north of the island. He tells us how peaceful Ibiza is in August and I think to myself: “Have we really landed on another planet?” Somewhat bemused, I realise that the world has and always will be seen from different perspectives.

The moon beach in Ibiza

We then climb a small hill and a small beaten path unfolds between the bushes, where a green lizard cuts us off. We let our new guides lead us while chatting with them.

Now, have you ever wished for the Moon? Ibiland has just grated your wish.

Small craters of salt crystals cover the rocky surface. This creates a landscape quite unlike anything we’re used to seeing – a sight from another world. The salty smell surrounds us, whilst the birds continue with their acrobatic flights over the floating islets.

The water is clear and the pools that have formed are warm.

Welcome to the Moon Beach, the beach that takes you away from this planet.

P.S. Moon beach is suitable for people seeking peace and for those who respect each other’s freedom. I highly recommend going to the Moon Beach, when you want to find peace and connect with nature.

HNX blog in Moon Beach
Ibiland in Moon Beach
Moon Beach Ibiza

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Blogger: Giada Nomusa Forneris
Photography: Veronica Mansi
Illustration: Moon Beach Ibiza by Laura Savina