The Energy of Ibiza

Discover the energy that surrounds the island of Ibiza.


Ibiza is an island with a special energy. Its wild nature, its impressive water coves, the turquoise tones of the sea, the arid color of the inland fields, the smell of Balearic pine… All these natural elements create an attractive and nourishing energetic aura.

In winter, the energy of Ibiza is more introspective: it invites meditation, contemplation and reflection. It facilitates stillness, silence and inner listening. Its magnetic field is palpable: the vibrational frequency rises with quiteness. For this reason, many of the indigenous people of Ibiza are people with a great spiritual development, with a very advanced inner work, with a more open mentality and a more empathetic heart. The island has allowed them to display those qualities that we all harbor inside of us.


In summer, on the other hand, the energy is more extroverted: the arrival of people from all over the world creates more fuss and tumult. The beaches are dressed with a different aura: the atmosphere is more festive, the constant movement awakens a wild spirit… The encounter of various cultures and personalities generates a more active and productive energy. The curiosity to discover, to know and learn everything that the outside world can offer us is more available and more accessible…

It is the balance between ying and yang. Between duality. In Summer, the energy of Ibiza is more intense and multifaceted; in winter, the island’s energy is calmer
and quieter. During the Spring and Autumn seasons, the energy mutates and transforms: from a more serene and calm state, it becomes a more active and lively environment. And from a louder and more tumultuous environment, it returns to find its peace and tranquility. Nothing is better or worse. The interesting thing is knowing how to take advantage of the qualities of each energy phase of the island and align with its vital states.


If, for example, you travel to Ibiza in Winter, the island will invite you to live with more peace and tranquility, with more quietness and slowness. If you decide to come to Ibiza in Summer, its vibrational energy will awaken in you the desire to do and explore. Each season has its own peculiarities and qualities: aligning with the gifts of each moment allows us to be more connected and less separated. When, as travelers, we learn to tune in to the available energy of the place we visit, the experience becomes very beautiful. The trip recovers its main purpose: to transform what must be transformed, release ourselves of what must be released, and show us what must be shown.

There is a moment for everything; there is an energy available for every moment of life. You will always take something from Ibiza. The island always gives great gifts.

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