The Trust You tool

We have partnered with the reputed online review company Trust You. They provide us with a global reputation analysis tool as well as give us the capabilities to understand our guests experience through our very own survey, which you will receive during your last evening with us.

The widget you see throughout the website is the global reputation score given to us by Trust You. It only shows an aggregate score of verified reviews from online sources, such as Trip Advisor,, Facebook, Google +, and many other.

What some of our most cherished clients think about us

“The truth is that the hotel is one of those havens to be visited at least once in their life”
Fernando Tortosa

“Enjoy a stay in Na Xamena is like flying like a bird over the sea, enjoy a solitary nest and be treated with absolute discretion”
Mr. Campmany

“Na Xamena really is a unique and idyllic place to enjoy a special time to devote ourselves how fast we go through life, to rest, to love, to listen to the silence, not run, to recover energy and peace, to live in balance and harmony. Always a good time to re-Na Xamena”
Montse Cabau

“It is a unique and magical, the perfect setting for the awakening of the senses, to relax the body and caress the soul. An invasion of calm and tranquility. A gift for the spirit: Nature in its purest form. The contemplation of a perfect marriage between sea and land. Simply sublime”
Mayte Tarrago

“I have stayed here 3 times, and every time I am here it becomes more magical. I arrive after a week-long business trip and I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven! It is the most beautiful place I think I have ever been”
Eileen Rittenhouse